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RMS Containers

Protective containers for your reload casings.
Tired of listening to the clanking of your RMS motors? Displeased with the deterioration of that nice RMS finish? Frustrated with hunting through numerous unsightly socks or wraps for the right reloadable motor? Protect your investment in RMS hardware with an inexpensive, but attractive and effective container for your motors. Each container is made of durable clear tubing with vinyl end-caps and long enough to house the motor enclosures. Custom sizes are also available.

"Cool, great idea you have. I received the containers today. I have to rate them the full two igniters up! I will recommend to other BluesRockS members these RMS protective containers for their quality and the superb customer service from Merlin Missiles. Keep up the good work." - Patrick Harvey, Georgetown, KY

"Received your shipment today. Package and contents are in perfect condition. These containers are really sharp and should do a very good job of protecting my RMS casings." -Larry Rumbley, Dover, DE

"The protective sleeves arrived today and let me say you have a fabulous product. Thanks much!!!" - Refik Eler, Jacksonville, Florida

"The box arrived today. Went through all the containers and everything looks great! Product works great!" - Jeffrey Drongowski, Blue Mounds, WI

Protective Containers for RMS Motors

18mm Single-Use Motor Container
24mm Single-Use Motor Container
29mm Single-Use Motor Container
RMS 18/20 Container
RMS 24/40 Container
RMS 29/100 Container
RMS 29/120 Container
RMS 29/180 Container
RMS 29/240 Container
RMS 29/360 Container
RMS 29/40-120 Container
RMS 29/60 Container
RMS 29mm Mega-System Containers (SAVE!!!)
RMS 38/1080 Container
RMS 38/120 Container
RMS 38/240 Container
RMS 38/360 Container
RMS 38/480 Container
RMS 38/600 Container
RMS 38/720 Container
RMS 38mm Mega-System Containers (SAVE!!!)
RMS 54/1280 Container
RMS 54/1706 Container
RMS 54/2560 Container
RMS 54/852 Containter
RMS 54mm Mega-System Containers (SAVE!!!)
RMS Low-Power Mega-System Containers (SAVE!!!)
Single-Use Motor Container Suite (SAVE!!!)
RMS24/60 Container