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Q My RMS container vinyl caps are tight and difficult to get on. Is it defective?
A No. New RMS containers may need to be broken in a bit. If the vinyl caps were manufactured to fit loosely, then they would become too loose over time. Moisture can make the end-caps more difficult to install. Try using a little baby powder or graphite powder to ease the end-cap installation.

Q My RMS container end-cap will not slide all the way onto the tube. What can be done to fix this?
A The RMS containers are engineered to exacting tolerences to ensure that the caps remain on the tubes. The tight seal between the end-cap and tube can keep the pressure within the tube from escaping when the end-cap is installed. This pressure will tend to force the end-cap out from its intended position. To alleviate the pressure, simply us a safety pin or exacto knife to punch a small hole into the center of one of the end-caps. This will allow the release of pressure and the end-cap to slide on more smoothly.