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Identification labels for all your rockets and rocket accessories.
Examples of ID Labels

Are you sickened by the loss of valuable time and money spent on unrecovered rockets? Need to include NAR or TRA info on your contest rockets, but are frustrated by poor detailing? Unlike most mass-produced labels, our labels are water and friction resistant. Simple and quick, you can neatly and legibly identify all of your rockets and rocket accessories with our labels in minutes, not hours. Identification Labels are 1.813 x .5 inches and currently available in a matte clear finish. 64 labels per sheet. Custom font colors are available for an additional $1.00.  Free shipping for ID Labels.

"The labels you sent are absolutely first-class and are greatly appreciated. I plan to use them on all airframe parts to aid in recovery of 'lost' rockets. I'm sure other flyers would appreciate labels such as these, also." - Larry Rumbley, Dover, DE